Bienvenido Compañer@s.

Hello Community,

My name is Raul Barrera Esteva and I am an undocumented student at San Francisco City College. I created this blog to fundraise money for school due to the fact that I cannot receive any financial aid from the government because of my immigration status. The reason I am fundraising is because living in a expensive city like San Francisco and the current tuition increases makes it almost impossible to focus on school. I feel that with the support of the community, I will be able to ease my financial strain for my educational and career goals.

In this blog you can find a few sections: My Diaries in the “Diarios de la Liberacion” tab, My Story in its respective tab, My Poems, and the Donate tab, for now.

I will be making leather bags this coming month if you are interested in buying one, you can contact me. I will send it through mail, drop it off or give it to you in person if possible.

If you have any questions or want to contact me you can email me to: or leave a message to 415-598-8723

4 thoughts on “Bienvenido Compañer@s.

  1. Raul, this is wonderful amigo. hope you get enough founds for you to continue in school. I will be sharing this with family, co-workers and friends. Even if it is a small donation it will make a difference. Si Se puede amigo…..keep strong

  2. Eres una admiración y me inspiras a mi que estoy en una situación similar. Hechale ganas, todo en esta vida se puede cuando se trabaja duro!

    Con respecto,


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